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Gallery of ICF Construction Projects

The Castle

Large, Custom ICF Home

This large, complete-custom ICF home was constructed to be the dream home and retirement mecca for the homeowner.

It’s custom design, from the unique shape of the home, to its tower, bridge and archway, was created to maximize the possibilities of ICF construction!

Building the Castle, Part 2

The Tiny House

ICF Tiny House

Built on a heated -cement slab for the ultimate comfort in even the coldest of Michigan winters, this custom ICF home was constructed to be sustainable and enjoyable.

The homeowner added solar panels to make it one of the most eco-friendly ICF homes we’ve ever built!

East Town Business

Retail & Residential ICF Building

After a fire destroyed the original building, the smart owner decided to rebuild with ICF to avoid such another such tragedy.

With a 2-4 hour fire rating (instead of 15-30 minutes with wood framing), his new building provides peace of mind for him, and his tenants!

Commercial ICF Construction Company Specializing in Building with Insulated Concrete Forms - Turtle Wall of Grand Rapids Michigan

Custom ICF Homes

Residential ICF Construction

We’ve been building custom ICF homes all over West Michigan since 2005!

From primary residences to cottages, large and small homes, we’ve done it all. Let us help you build your custom dream home more efficiently. Get the long-term value you need, and provide the ultimate in comfort for your family with Turtle Wall.

Custom ICF Home Builder for New Construction with Insulated Concrete Forms - Turtle Wall of Michigan

Commercial ICF Buildings

Commercial ICF Construction

Expand the possibilities of your new building with ICF!

From office to industrial construction, and everything in between, ICF buildings make your commercial property worth more, and save you more in the long run. Talk with Turtle Wall today!

Commercial ICF Construction

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